Small Business Services

Have a glimpse at our services we offer to Small Businesses

Internet & Network Services

Running a business from a small operation to a mega operation involves Management.  In this modern era in order to meet the demands a small business throws at us we must adapt.  This has been the case with having access to the internet and a secure and safe network. Easily transfer files, print to a wireless printer.  Ensure that your business is more productive & efficient with a fast internet connection & download speed as well as a highly functional network that will assist with your day-today business activities.

Data Recovery Solutions

Haven't backed up your files ? Lost any valuable business documents & information.  We know what it's like.  Too many documents to handle and you may have accidently deleted a file or maybe even a faulty hard drive may have caused you to lose data.  The good news is that it can be restored!! Yes, our highly trained & experienced team at Neighbourhood Nerds can assist you On-site at your business premises to salvage all of your lost data and files..

Data Back Up Solutions

Running a business is not so easy!!! We can understand from experience.  The last thing you need is to lose all of your valuable data..Rather than lose the information that will allow your small business to operate, ensure that all of your information is backed up.  Neighbourhood Nerds can assist you & your business to become fully prepared for any situation.  Be ready for an emergency with a backup of all of your information.

Anti-Virus Removal & Installation

When running a small business you are dealing with information & very important accounts, passwords etc..This is why it is so improtant that you and your business are ready, safe & protected by a quality anti-virus & malware program that will ensure your device does not receive a virus.  These days it is very easy to receive a virus. Through E-mail, images, links, programs, videos..You name it!! Which is why we should be more prepared than ever on our devices.

Software Installation

Need new Programs installed? Or maybe Old Programs Removed ?

We can do this for you!! We can recommend to you the correct programs to purchase & install.  We ensure that this caters for your budget & level of usage.  Which is why our trained staff will ensure you are will taken care of.  When running a business, technology is now a huge part of the way it runs.  We use so many programs for our filing, accounting etc...Which is where we can help even more.  We can custom install the right program for your business...

Windows Maintenance & Optimsation

Your windows computer running slow? We can relate to this.  Don't stress though!! This is a very normal and common problem that most people encounter.  We must take care of our devices in order for them to last.  If you are encountering any Windows Errors or just having a slow device we can tune the device and fix any errors you may have.  A faster computer boost effiiciency & productivity..This is essential for a business to succeed...

Device Setup & Repair

We can offer assistance when it comes to ordering & building your desktop or laptop device.  If you need a custom built device to perform to the highest level, for gaming, high graphics or smooth function than we can help you out to custom buuld a system that is completely tailored to your needs.  Even if you are interested in a simple desktop or laptop device for your personal use...We will be delighted to assist you in your quest to find the most ideal, economic and sound computer to suit your needs!!